Invent ΙCT: Τhe program

The Institute of Communications and Computer Systems (ICCS) of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and Industry Disruptors Game Changers (ID-GC) have partnered up with the support of the Greek Mobile Operators Association (EEKT), for the creation of Invent ICT, a tech-incubator that is based in Athens, Greece.

Aiming at the development of innovative entrepreneurship and a new generation of technological progress through the creation of new & viable business, Invent ICT calls for students, researchers and graduates of Polytechnic Schools who have a creative idea in the field of Information and Communication Technologies to join the incubator!

The program is based on the personalized consulting methodology, as it has been developed by the ICCS of the NTUA, and is making use of ID-GC‘s experience and international network on issues of extroversion, mentoring and business incubation.

Teams entering the program have the chance to meet and consult with experienced Executives from both the Market and Academia, who offer practical guidance to help them grow and mature their ideas, turning them into viable business.

Furthermore, Invent ICT is designed around a number of services:

  • Training potential entrepreneurs through practical tools and examples
  • Supporting teams on researching and analyzing technology, analyzing the market and competitors
  • Assessment of business plan and techno-economic study and continuous reassessment of business affairs
  • Risk Analysis
  • Evolution of the business idea and its implementation, based on international practices, in cooperation with international network development organizations
  • Presentations by entrepreneurs, startup founders, market executives, mentors and academics on business engagement, special business management issues, thematic talks on technologies and market sectors as well as interactive discussions
  • Networking, in Greece and abroad.


Important dates:

1st Cycle:

– Deadline for submissions: 31/01/2017

– Phase A: Announcement of results: 04/04/2017

– Phase B: Announcement of results: 05/06/2017

Completion of the 1st cycle of the program:  January 2018


2nd Cycle:

– Deadline for submissions: 20/05/2018

– Phase A: Announcement of results: 12/10/2018

– Phase B: Announcement of results: 25/10/2018

Completion of the 2nd cycle of the program:  November 2019


3rd Cycle:

– Deadline for submissions: 28/04/2020

– Phase A: Announcement of results: 11/06/2020

– Phase B: Announcement of results: 20/12/2020

Completion of the 3rd cycle of the program:  February 2021*



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