Invent ICT is an initiative designed by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit and the Research University Institute of Communication Systems and Computers EPISEV /NTUA , and Industry Disruptors Game Changers, implemented with the support of the Greek Mobile Operators Association (GMOA). The program was designed with the vision to help develop a new generation of entrepreneurship and technological development, through the creation of new & sustainable businesses.


Our goal is to strengthen young entrepreneurship and the new generation of technological development, through the creation of new & sustainable businesses. Invent ICT aims at students, researchers and graduates of the Polytechnic Schools, who have a creative idea in the field of Information and Communication Technologies and want to make the “leap” from research to business, transforming research labor into a sustainable business or product.


The main axes of support provided by the Invent ICT program are the methodology of personalized counseling, developed by the EPI.NOO of the EPISEY of the National Technical University of Athens, as well as the access to an IDGC international network of partners on brought in by IDGC.

Invent ICT brings its teams in contact with experienced market and academic executives, who provide a hands-on approach and help them turn business ideas into sustainable businesses. In addition, the program offers knowledge access through a range of initiatives, such as:

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