The National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), the largest technological institute in the country, is an inexhaustible pool of executives for the private and public sector, researchers for academic institutions, both internationally and in Greece, as well as potential entrepreneurs. The Polytechnic community is a source of research excellence and a nursery for executives for knowledge-intensive technology projects that can be transformed into a source of high value-added business initiatives either by creating stand-alone start-ups or for business development within existing businesses.

EPI.noo was established in 2014 by the Innovation and Research Unit of NTUA and the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS), in collaboration with the Municipality of Athens. Adhering to the values of respect and equality, dedication and responsibility, ethics and integrity, innovation and creativity, professionalism and quality, it undertakes the mission to aid graduates from NTUA and other Higher Education Institutions in achieving their goals, to actively contribute to long-term regional economic development, to support innovative ideas that will provide effective solutions to small or large problems, and to encourage ongoing collaboration between the business world, universities / research institutes and the public sector.

The Invent ICT program comes at a difficult but also an appropriate time. We are in a phase where we are facing not only the emigration of scientific potential (brain drain) but also the lack of utilization of research results. For example, while NTUA conducts wide and highly competitive, in an international level, research, its results are used to a relatively small extent for the development of innovations and even less for the creation of new knowledge-intensive businesses with significant development impact.
Yannis Caloghirou
Emeritus Professor of Technological, Economic & Industrial Strategy, NTUA