Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In a period of intense crisis of the Greek economy primary production and the availability of its products in general have been reduced and devalued by many to a large extent. Greece, being a country whose economy has been supported by antiquity in the primary sector, in order to return to growth rates, must turn to it again, strengthening it with innovations that will highlight the value of Greek products abroad.

Based on the above claim, our goal is to create a business to promote and sell high quality Greek olive oil. The company intends to add value to olive oil based on the knowledge of its people and their ability to develop partnerships but mainly innovative ideas related to how it works and the product promotion such as the development of an application running iOS or Android through which everyone will be able to choose and buy the product they want. The product will be addressed both to Individual buyers and to companies or chains of foreign (or domestic) stores with which cooperation contracts will be signed and there will be a permanent cooperation.

Our vision is to create a healthy business recognizable abroad and within the country, which will combine the traditional with the high technology of our time based on its founders and their love for one of the most traditional products of the Greek land: olive oil.

“Do not leave anything to chance. Innovate by advertising yourself as best as you can. Hard work, patience, knowledge and exploitation of all available resources and opportunities of the time are the factors that largely judges the success of a business plan and consequently a business.”

Team members:
Tassis Vassilios Quality Control & Operation Manager – CEO Certified Chemical Engineer NTUA
Trend Theodosia Public Relations & Supplies Manager Graduate of the Department of Public Administration (Panteion University)
Souchla Styliani Financial & Marketing Manager Mathematician (University of Patras), MBA (University of Piraeus)