Free on trip

Free On Trip aims to designing and making airline ticketing rights available to prospective passengers. This will give the opportunity to lock the price of an airline ticket for a certain period of time during which the decision will have to be made to exercise this right and consequently to obtain the ticket. It has happened to many passengers not to know for sure when and if they will make a trip and they definitely do not want to bear a significant cost in case of change or cancellation of the trip. Through this service, it will be possible to achieve the coverage of the passenger in terms of the risk of increase in air ticket prices over time, by “locking” an advantageous price and at the same time providing considerable flexibility and sufficient time to decide on the realization or not of his journey. The customer will pay an amount for the right of the payment and until the end of the time period will be able to decide whether to finally buy the agreed ticket at the predetermined price.

“Our vision is to help the tourist industry evolve by creating innovative products. Understanding the modern needs of travelers, the planned service through the provision of airline ticket purchase rights aims to convert the financial obligation, based on the data so far, created on the passenger from the purchase of an airline ticket into a right of use.”