Stavros Solomos
Associate Researcher at Research Centre for Atmospheric Physics and Climatology, Academy of Athens


Stavros Solomos is a graduate of the Department of Physics of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (EKPA, 2001) with a postgraduate degree in Environmental Physics / Meteorology (EKPA 2003) and a Ph.D. in Atmospheric Physics / Atmospheric Model Development (ATM model).

From 2006 to 2013 he worked as a Ph.D. candidate and postdoctoral researcher at the Atmospheric Model Laboratory of the University of Athens. From 2013-2020 he worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Applications & Remote Sensing of the National Observatory of Athens (IAADET-EAA). In 2020 he was elected a Third Level Researcher at the Atmospheric Physics and Climatology Research Center of the Academy of Athens.

His research interests focus on the modeling of atmospheric processes for the study of phenomena ranging from planetary to medium and local scale. It has 34 original publications in international scientific journals (h-index = 14). He has > 70 papers in international conferences with judges and numerous technical exhibitions. He is a reviewer in 17 scientific journals and a reviewer of research proposals. He has participated in 10 international experimental campaigns related to the study of the atmosphere as responsible for the modeling of atmospheric processes. It belongs to the development team of the atmospheric model RAMS-ICLAMS of EKPA and of the atmospheric models FireHUB and DustHUB in the natural disaster management center BEAOND of EAA. He has participated in> 30 Research Programs and is a member of the steering committee in the project COST Action CA 16202, INDUST: International Network to Encourage the Use of Monitoring and Forecasting Dust Products. His teaching work includes the teaching of the course “Dynamic – Concise Meteorology” in the Department of Mathematics of EKPA as an Assistant Assistant Professor (independent teaching, PD 407/80, Department of Physics EKPA) for the spring semester 2017-2018 while from 2015 – 2019 He was a lecturer in the courses “Earth System Science” and “Space Applications” in the Postgraduate Program “Space Science, Technologies and Applications”, the University of Peloponnese in collaboration with the National Observatory of Athens.

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