XRun is a full-featured online racing management platform that offers:

a) the necessary services for the organizers and the appropriate tools for a more functional management of the games; and

b) new opportunities for runners to control their participation and performance.
It is also a social network of runners.

In more detail:

The Organizers through an advanced Control Panel will create their own race event and will fully manage it using tools that offer:

a) Ability to receive the participation fee of each runner as well as easy monitoring of income through an electronic payment system,

b) ability to view / edit runners’ registration details;

c) publication of the results of the race using offered timing solutions, such as: use of electronic chips integrated in the uniform or accessories of the athletes for their accurate timing.
All the information of each race will be accessible on its website which will be created by the organizer easily and quickly through the xRun platform.

Runners through the event website will be able to:

a) register

b) make payments,

c) communicate with the organizers,

d) be informed of their ranking and other statistics; and

e) see photos of the match

Each runner by registering in an event will automatically become a member of the social network, through which he will be able to easily register for future races, create communities, communicate with other runners, publish and share his records and also keep a record of its performance.

XRun will provide advanced services for better road racing organization and management. Using state-of-the-art technology, xRun aims to maximally support both the organizers by providing easy-to-manage features and the participating runners by providing tracking of their participation as well as by creating a social network of runners.”